Doses souplesExclusivement pour machines à doses souples.

(ne conviennent pas aux machines 1,2,3 Spresso Malongo)

Coffee by Small Growers
packs of 18 flexible pods.

Small growers producing big coffees! Enjoy the fruity taste, smoothness and leather and earthy undertones of this Arabica from the high plateaus of Mexico with its intense aroma. A thick, rich and creamy drink. The authentic flavour of a quality Arabica grown and roasted using traditional techniques.

The Max Havelaar label guarantees that this coffee has been produced and sold in accordance with international fair trade standards. Purchase this product and contribute to improving the living and working conditions of growers in Central America. The Max Havelaar association checks compliance with standards.

Italian taste
packs of 18 flexible pods.

We searched for the smoothest Arabica coffees, and the finest coffees in Latin America just for you. We then combined these treasures. Enjoy this subtle blend full of flavour.

packs of 18 flexible pods.

We selected quality single-origin coffees from Latin America and Africa. We then selected the best harvests identified in this tight selection process. And we obtained this rare, smooth and creamy coffee with its strong aroma and authentic flavour.