The projects

Malongo has taken in-depth action over a period of several years to improve the situation in Haiti, a coffee-growing country, by financing several types of projects with the assistance of France Haiti Partage (Résidence Angely 25, avenue des diables bleus, 06300 NICE; tel +33 493 086093).

Past initiatives

From 2000 to 2004: Metal sculpting training sessions. Popular education centre, Port-au-Prince

In September 2000, France-Haiti Partage launched a vocational training project for street children too old to join the traditional school system. In a country where everything is re-used, this training in metalwork provides the children with skills, allowing them to earn their own living using their personal potential, and ensuring social independence.
The local sculptor, Makingson, taught the children to sculpt the metal, particularly metal from coffee tins, supplied by Malongo.
This initiative left free reign for the creativity of the children (planes, boats, cars, etc.).
The completed articles were purchased by the coffee producer and the funds collected were donated to France Haiti Partage. The best works were exhibited in Paris.
The funds were used to enable the children to improve their hygiene and social conditions and avoid the various types of plagues littering the streets.
All of the articles and toys sculpted were sold in "Malongo Cafés", in specialist stores; this second source of income was exclusively intended for the children and teenagers having designed the items.

Current initiatives

Since 2001: Foster home for street girls. Port-au-Prince

The creation of a day foster home in Port-au-Prince meets the basic requirements of thirty-odd street girls: food, body hygiene, rest, a friendly ear, etc.
The centre also provides legal and sanitary assistance, prevents prostitution and other at-risk behaviour, and organises education and training plans, etc. These initiatives are managed by the LAKOU-LAKAY centre, managed by Father STRA and supported by Cafés Malongo.
This initiative targeting street girls could set an example for other towns in the world affected by poverty and violence and therefore sharing the same priorities.

Since 2004: Social integration programme targeting street children and teenagers (social initiatives, training– education, protection of rights)

The programme launched aims to promote the social integration of street children and teenagers in a precarious or highly marginal situation in the capital of Haiti. The main focus of this programme is accommodation (rented rooms) combined with vocational training initiatives, medical check-ups, legal assistance and citizenship. France-Haiti-Partage is in charge of the implementation of this programme.