Rupture or continuity: design of a container for your selected coffee.

Anticipating consumer preferences and tomorrow's trends. Preserving the essential properties of a container designed for coffee tasting. This is a constant feature of Malongo considerations relating to future types of consumption.

Malongo is constantly seeking out new coffees, either single-origins or blends, to stimulate the interest of consumers in coffee. However coffee can only be top quality if the container used for drinking exalts its qualities.

For the contest in 2008, participants were asked to design a container for the selected type of coffee: espresso, US coffee, Cappuccino, iced coffee, Irish coffee, etc. with a non-conventional type of consumption.

This unexpected and appealing object was required to meet all requirements: tasting pleasure, ergonomics and ease of use.


Coffee in your home: design of a multi-functional nomad module.

The contest in 2009 guided research towards eco-design and the creation of a multi-functional module ready to host all of the ingredients required for coffee and coffee tasting. Malongo accords great attention to these ‘coffee moments' throughout the day: it is up to us to write the rest of their history.

The aim was to organise a design project for the Malongo brand, in the context of its research on culinary arts. The unit designed needed to satisfy requirements with regard energy autonomy, easy handling and moving, storage, robustness and ergonomics.
The materials used and lifecycle of the unit were required to reflect consideration of the protection of the environment.