According to Malongo, coffee is an art, a science and a culture. We must pass on our knowledge. Our training department targets pupils, professionals and the general public. It also trains all of our personnel. Open the door to a world of aromas and taste on five continents, over thousands of years of history and humanity.

coffee training?

Coffee, just like wine, is a science in itself. The Malongo training centre organises introductory modules on the organoleptic, geographic, cultural and economic aspects of coffee.

Training for all. Malongo has initiated coffee training in hotel schools and trains teachers in this field. Adapted modules target business schools, engineering schools and companies in the hotel sector, plus the general public. This same service trains Malongo personnel. We have prepared an adapted teaching tool with CIRAD* dedicated to technical personnel and producers. *Centre for Agricultural Research for Development

The Malongo research fund. We decided to research, maintain and broadcast all aspects of coffee culture. We consider coffee as a precious part of the heritage of humanity. We enrich our knowledge with coffee news. Our researchers study all factors relating to coffee: producing countries, history, botanical varieties, agronomic research, market, health, etc.


The National Young Coffee Professional Contest. Malongo created this unmissable date on the hotel school calendar in 1995. Creation of a coffee list, blind tasting, service quality, commercial negotiation skills, English: the jury selects the participant with the most complete knowledge.

The French Barista Championship.

This event is organised by the Association France Café Gourmets. Malongo Cafés baristas have participated since 2007. The national challenge focuses on the art of preparing coffees based on espressos: cocktails, cappuccinos, etc.
In 2009, two baristas from our boutiques received awards, one as French Champion in "Latte Art"; and the second as "Best Espresso in France", "Barista" Vice-Champion of France. Finally, the Quality manager of the company was declared French Champion for "Cup Tasting" in 2009.

Sharing coffee. For Malongo, creating and participating in this contest means contributing to the promotion of coffee-related knowledge. We have produced a convenient encyclopedic CD ROM for self-training: "Passion Café".


At the heart of the Paul Bocuse institute. The prestigious French management school specialised in the hotel industry, catering, food and culinary arts has been home to this coffee training area since 2008. A dozen teaching modules are available for the 300 pupils of the Institute, but also coffee professionals or fans.