Hotel and catering: coffees, hotels, restaurants

As a historical partner of the hotel and catering sector, Malongo is an active SME, known for the superior quality of its products. We anticipate trends and our machines meet the requirements of professionals.

coffee attitude

Coffee is the final touch, the key to ensuring customer satisfaction. The success of home espressos has set up a new challenge for professionals: they must offer coffees full of flavour and target better quality.

Consumer habits are changing. Less alcohol, less sugar: the coffee card is now trumps. Malongo offers new, rare, surprising and full-bodied aromas. Our coffees are so rich that tasting sessions have become a must, not to mention a list of coffees and coffee cocktails, according to latte Art rules.

Consumers are changing. Malongo proposes Single-origin coffees for espresso lovers, and special brews to cater for all tastes: cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, aromatic coffees. Whether curled up on the sofa or out in the street with a Malongo paper cup, quality coffee is on the agenda. And don't forget our range of teas and excellent chocolate!


espresso art

Make just 3 actions and help yourself to an espresso! Thanks to the revolutionary 1, 2, 3 Spresso system by Malongo: insert the pod, select your coffee and help yourself to your espresso. Quality, rapidity, cleanliness.

We have machines adapted to each type of outlet. For a thick and creamy espresso, not all customers will opt for the Via Futuro able to produce 450 coffees per hour!

In the name of freedom, we have one offer which is specific to the hotel sector: coffee in your room. Easy-to-use machines with a contemporary design, are installed in rooms for intimate moments.

We have created discrete machines for professional events, colloquia, conferences and seminars. Fully-fledged espressos, adapted to individual tastes, are available for all. Instantaneous programming display, water tank and pod storage: call it self-service coffee.

Not forgetting the Malongo Grande Réserve Espresso Bar! For those who have not opted for the 1,2,3 Spresso with its pods + optical recognition, this quality machine remains unrivalled.... Packaging Oscar of 1987, once this magnum is opened, no more handling is required.

a true partner

The Art of coffee, training, cup variations with carefully designed shapes, we share our coffee culture with professionals.