The selected quality and technological innovation open the doors to international exports to Malongo. We are present in 40 countries thanks to our 247 patents, 253 marks and 81 models.

SME in the coffee segment

The coffee market is the second largest international production sector after oil and is dominated by five large groups, which purchase 60% of production. Malongo is a specialist in luxury coffee and we have created ourselves a specific slot on the international market.

Background to exports

In 1998, we created the Malongo subsidiary for exports in Spain: Los Cafés, SA. Leading external market - with an equivalent market share to France - Los Cafés, SA sells the same products as in France in large- and medium-sized stores. It manages its own warehouses and uses the services of national logistics service providers.

A natural extension then occurred in the French overseas areas, in large and medium-sized stores and in the hotel and catering sector, via local distributors.

In 2008, exports represented 12% of turnover. Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, New Caledonia and Sweden are our leading 5 markets in terms of value.

Products, licences and strategies

Malongo exports 60 single-origin coffees and 50 single-origin teas, packaged as required. The pod coffee market and the 1, 2, 3 Spresso system allowed us to establish a presence in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Dubai. Exports have recently started to China, in the hotel and catering sector.

Our two internal services dedicated to exports: one for America and Asia, and a second for Africa, Europe, Russia and the Pacific. Their aggressive development strategy involves the creation of a network of distributors and the multiplication of "Malongo Café" franchises in the world.

Malongo is naturally present at the largest trade fairs, including SIRHA (the global hotel and food service trade show) and SIAL (the Global Food Marketplace)