Café moulu

Ground coffee

Malongo ground coffee takes you on a journey of discovery through prestigious coffee growing regions. These coffees have been roasted in the traditional way and vacuum-packed to preserve their aromas.

Organic and/or fairtrade

Coffee is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%. For more visit sourcing. Organic products. Certified by Ecocert France SAS FR-BIO-01

A sophisticated and sparkling coffee, possessing rare distinction thanks to its fruity, apricot and wild notes.


Delicate and fruity coffee from Mexico.


Coffee with chocolate undertones.


Coffee with fruity and chocolate undertones

Special French Press

A tick, mellow, full bodies coffee: ideal for balancing its bitter, strong touch, while revealing its splendid red berry undertones.

Peru Special Expresso

Fine, delicate, slightly bitter coffee, with its undertones of raisins, red berries and almonds, leaving a great aftertaste.

Sao Tomé
the revival of the farming of older Arabica varieties

On the fertile volcanic soil of Sao Tomé Island (Gulf of Guinea), in the midst of luxuriant vegetation, the CECAFEB cooperative grows this highquality, smooth and full bodied coffee.
Supported by Malongo, the revival of the farming of older Arabica varieties has enabled the development of a global project, fully encompassing economic, social and ecological issues.

Bolaven Plateau coffee

Nicknamed “the source of Lao coffee”, nowhere else in the world has the same geo-climate conditions as the Bolaven Plateau, which have been enabling the area to produce exceptional altitude- grown coffees for over a century.

Lake Kivu

This exceptional Arabica coffee is grown on former colonial run plantations that are situated on a small peninsula on the northwest shore of Lake Kivu.  Malongo has established a partnership with a cooperative which is supporting the local growers from this region.

Le Café des femmes
coffee by women

Produced by the female coffee growers operating as part of the Dominican association, ADOMUCA. This strong and aromatic coffee offers some spellbinding cherry and leather undertones and is an ideal accompaniment for dried-fruit based desserts.


The best harvests, carefully selected from the great origins of coffee, have brought about this rare, smooth and creamy coffee with an overwhelming aroma and a true flavour. Traditional roasting enhances the richness of its flavours and produces a fruity and aromatic coffee.

Le Café des Petits Producteurs, l’intensité
coffee from small growers

Strong long-lasting coffee with subtle dried fruit undertones.

Déca Aqua
decaffeinated with water

Gourmet decaffeinated coffee offering a wonderful aroma and the flavour of a real espresso with no caffeine or solvent.

Purs Matins
to combine perfectly with milk

From the best Arabica sources, this blend was especially designed by Malongo for breakfast times. With a “normal” caffeine content, it offers an ideal aroma for delightful breakfasts, with perfect gentleness for long coffees, with sufficient lightness to combine perfectly with milk.

La Tierra
Pure Arabica

Harmonious, delicious coffee with the fullness of the aromas that it exhales. An exceptional blend respecting the earth and the people who grow it.

Petits producteurs
Café des Petits Producteurs L’Original
coffee from small growers

The complex flavours of one of the greatest coffees in the world, balanced and with a slightly bitter tone.

Coffee regions

Discover a selection of ground coffee from the most prestigious coffee regions. Exceptional coffees cultivated by small producers from all over the world
Special Brewing

Mellow and pleasantly bitter coffee, with its delicate hazelnut and raisin undertones.

Cuba Santiago
cocoa, caramel tobacco plant and grape notes.

French-Cuban coffee growers settled in the Oriente region of Cuba from the 19th century, and contributed to the development of the region. The former farms were declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2000, and their ruins demonstrate the golden age of coffee growing, in an area which still produces some of the best coffees in the world.

Café des Montagnes Shan
Arabica from Myanmar

A coffee for peace and biodiversity! In partnership with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), Malongo is running a programme to replace poppy cultivation with coffee cultivation among small producers in the Shan territory. Powerful, nicely tangy coffee, with pleasant wild and cocoa notes.

Pure Origins

Malongo's coffee varieties take you on a voyage of discovery to prestigious coffee-producing regions.
Colombie IGP*
*Protection of geographical indications

A fruity and delicate coffee, it develops an aromatic balance around seductive red fruit notes.

Pur Kenya
L’un des meilleurs arabicas d’Afrique

Dans les plaines du Mont Kenya, à l’ouest de Nairobi, ce café pousse dans de grandes plantations. Il est considéré par les amateurs de grands crus d’Arabica comme une référence.  Un café très typé, un peu corsé, qui développe une saveur acidulée avec des notes végétales très fraîches, des notes de fruits rouges accompagnées de fragrances citronnées.

Moka d’Ethiopie
Noblesse oblige

A sophisticated and sparkling coffee, possessing rare distinction thanks to its fruity, apricot and wild notes.

giant beans

“Magnificent giant beans”. A powerfully flavoured, rich and dense coffee is extracted from these bluish, almost shiny beans.

Pur Papouasie
New Guinea

A vintage Arabica with a fragrant aroma. Finely structured, a true marvel of balance.


Decaffeinated by a pure, naturally water process, this coffee contains all the flavour and rich aroma of a “Pure Origin” coffee, without the caffeine.

Brésil Sul de Minas
The best Brazilian

A generous and powerful coffee with a silky bitterness whose long-lasting flavour reveals itself on the palate.

Jamaican Blue Mountain
exceptional Arabica

The most prestigious and most rare of the world’s coffees. An extremely subtle Arabica, superbly flavoured, exceptional.

La Grande Réserve
arabica blend

This full-bodied and elegant coffee is a complex blend of multiple Arabicas, creating a refined, aromatic and fruity taste. This coffee combines strong flavour with rich tones, and creaminess with zest, to create a sumptuously harmonious drink.

Signature Blend

Malongo offers a selection of homemade blend. Unique coffees, roasted in 20 minutes to reveal and preserve their aromas.
Italian Style
a pure dolce vita moment…

A powerful, racy blend, Malongo has concocted this coffee with the same minute care as the baristas (Italian espresso – making experts). Try it strong just like they drink it in Rome!

Goût Italien
Italian taste

This Arabica from Central America, with its fruity aroma, was lightly roasted according to traditional method “in 20 minutes”, ensuring the original properties of the grain are retained.This coffee is vacuum packed to allow customers to enjoy the taste of a rich, smooth and creamy expresso, combined with the strength and finesse of a quality Arabica.

balanced flavour and aromas

CARAT is a delicate mixture of beans from the noblest origins, revealing the full expertise and know-how of MALONGO. This round-bodied coffee with its balanced flavour and aromas will delight the most demanding gourmets thanks to its fine complexity and delicate fruity tones.

Supremo d’Arabica
the most prestigious Arabica coffees

The subtle blend of some of the most prestigious Arabica coffees in the world, roasted slowly and ground using traditional methods, immediately vacuum packed in a metal tin to protect the mellow taste right to the cup.