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The Export department ensures the presence of our brand abroad. In addition to offering professionals and individuals our various product ranges, we are developing a network of franchised Atelier Barista Malongo boutiques

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The export department is a key element in the development of our brand abroad. It establishes partnerships and manages exchanges with foreign distributors who will market our products. This work is done taking into account the specificities of each country. The Export department is also present at the most important international trade fairs related to the world of gastronomy. Training sessions are also organized for our customers.

Malongo is present in Asia, America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East
Malongo is present in Asia, America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East
Malongo coffees in other countries

Our Export department allows us to export, beyond our borders, our values and our coffee philosophy, combined with the image of quality French gastronomy.


A network of Atelier Barista boutiques

The principle of this project is to export the Atelier Barista  concept internationally. Malongo is developing a network of franchised shops. Our company is already present in the heart of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. These Atelier Barista take up the codes of our French shops and allow foreign consumers to discover the art of French-style coffee, in the heart of a warm and friendly place with an exotic atmosphere.

Our franchises
An ethical and gustatory adventure

Ateliers Barista in Manila remain faithful to the “three spaces” concept of the shops: boutique (sale of rare Malongo coffees), roasting (to roast green coffee purchases on site) and tasting to taste exceptional coffees and drinks prepared according to the best practices.

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