Malongo's product in supermarkets

Malongo and retail Great coffees for the general public

With Malongo, gourmet coffee is now available in supermarkets. In France, we are the historical leader in fair trade and organic coffee. Our coffee menu responds to consumers' tastes and preferred methods.

Top-of-the-range coffee

Responding to consumer tastes

Malongo offers a wide range of coffee in large and medium-sized stores. Each reference has a different body intensity and aromatic characteristics. Customers can therefore choose a coffee according to their preferences and sensitivities. Organic and fair-trade local coffees, roasted in the traditional way, accessible to everyone directly on the shelves of major retail chains. Malongo coffee within everyone’s reach!


Each method of preparation has its own unique taste, just as each of our customers has its own preferences. In order to put it all together, we have decided to play the cross-functionality card of the ranges. So, Le Café des Petits Producteurs and Italian Style are available in different preparation methods: beans, ground coffee, 1,2,3 Spresso® pods,  and capsules.

Small growers

In 1997, when Malongo joined Max Havelaar and created Le Café des Petits Producteurs, fair trade was totally confidential in France. This box was the first fair trade reference available in supermarkets. Today, this coffee still represents the first fair trade coffee sale in France. We are proud and happy to have contributed to the development of this business model.


Espresso Machines

1,2,3 Spresso® system

Design and innovative, our Neoh Expresso machine is available in supermarket. It adapts to your coffee preferences, allowing you to make short or long espressos. Compact and stylish, it goes well with all decorations and universes, from vintage spaces to modern kitchens. This machine, accessible to all, reflects Malongo’s spirit of innovation.

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