Teas & Infusions

Discover thousand one gustative pleasures of tea and plants, according to a selection of teas and infusions originating in the most famous gardens of the world. Teas and infusions in individual sachets, organic and/or label fair trade.

Organice and fair trade tea and infusion- sachets

Passionate about its products and demanding the highest standards, MALONGO has selected a range of exceptional organically grown fair trade teas.
Linden Mint
subtly scented

A subtly scented brew created with multi-centenary linden and French mint. Ingredients: Linden* 60%, peppermint* 40%.

subtle aroma

Selected for the abundance and quality of its flower, linden can live for several centuries. An infusion with the subtle aroma, pleasant to the taste, with a slight astringency. The ideal accompaniment to restful evening! Ingrédients: Linden 100%.

subtle herbal tea

In ancient times verbena was believed to have magical properties. It aids digestion and eases nervous tension for those suffering from sleep disorders. Ingredients: Verbena 100%.

Organic tea and infusion - sachets

100% natural flavoured teas with no colorants or chemicals, respecting the quality of the tea without adulterating it.
Gunpowder green tea
natural green tea

This velvety, golden tea has a fresh fragrance and aids digestion. Naturally sweet, it can be drunk at any time of day. Ingredients: Green tea* 100%.

Jasmin green tea
floral aroma

The queen of flowers and symbol of love… Ingredients: Green tea 100%. May contain traces of nuts.

Green Tea with red fruits
strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and red berries

A golden, shiny drink, with long-lasting flavour, revealing perfectly balanced aromas of strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and red berries. Ingredients: Green tea* 94%, natural flavours: strawberry* 2%, forest fruits* 2%, raspberry* 1%, cassis* 1%.

Mint Green Tea
delicate green tea

This delicious blend of delicate green tea and mint is perfect for sharing with family or friends. Ingredients: Green tea 60%, Mint 40%. May contain traces of nuts.


This energy- and sun-packed drink has surged from the confines of South Africa, enchanting drinkers like a ritual dance. Enjoy hot or chilled, at any time of the day. Ingredients: Rooibos 100%.

Black tea with spices
citric fruit and epices

A splendid amber brew with orange tones, naturally sweet thanks to its pleasant citric fruit flavour and spicy touches, with cinnamon leading the pack. Ingredients: Black tea 96%, Natural flavours: sweet orange 1,5%, apple 1,5%, blood orange 0,5%, cinnamon 0,5%.

Darjeeling Black Tea PGI*
* Protected Geographical Indication

Fine quality autumn harvest grown in a favourably located garden producing a copper-coloured infusion with a pronounced flavour of ripe fruit. Ingredients: Black tea 100%.

black tea with vanilla
refined scent

The refined and sophisticated scent of vanilla blended with a superior quality black tea. Ingredients: Black tea 97% , aroma

English Breakfast Black Tea
full-bodied and spicy

The aroma and flavour of this tea are full-bodied and spicy, enhanced by a subtle and typically British hint of bitterness. Ingredients: Black tea 100%.

Earl Grey Black Tea
delicate bergamot flavour

A classic and remarkably delicate flavour. The subtlety and freshness of bergamot are fused together in this delicious Himalayan tea. Ingredients: Black tea 98% – essential oil of
bergamote 2%. May contain traces of nuts.

Green Tea with Litchi Pear
fruity and gourmet

A sweet, fruity and gourmet brew with strong litchi and pear tones, all brought together in a pleasant, light drink. Ingredients: Green tea 96%, natural flavours: litchi 2%, pear 2%