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Pure origins or blends, discover the different MALONGO coffee beans. High-quality coffees from organic farming and fair trade. Embark on a journey to the heart of the world's greatest coffee regions.

Coffee regions

Discover a selection of coffee beans from the most prestigious coffee regions. Exceptional coffees cultivated by small producers from all over the world.
Kenya beans
One of the best coffee in Africa

Kenya is a coffee that is very popular with African coffee lovers. A coffee of exceptional finesse, very aromatic, it offers notes of red fruits and citrus fruits.

Blue Mountain beans
The most prestigious arabica

An extremely refined, superbly fragranced, exceptional Arabica…

Hawaï beans
coffee between volcanoes

Our Kona Fancy coffee is grown in the Kona region, which gives its name to a prestigious appellation. Coffee trees grow on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcanoes in the south and Hualalai in the north of the island of Hawaii, the largest in the archipelago.

coffee from the world
The greatest coffee regions

A complete range of pure origins and grand crus in grains, freshly roasted to order, homemade blends such as La Grande Réserve or La Tierra, but also pure origins: Blue Mountain, Guatemala, Hawaii, Laos…

Signature Blend

A range of high quality Malongo blends with delicious aromas. Homemade specialities, roasted in 20 minutes.
Ristretto Italien Beans
Italian strong coffee

Finesse of Arabica, strength of Robusta. For authentic Italian-style espresso! This blend offers you a powerful coffee.

Cachet d'or
floral undertones

Cachet d’Or is the refined outcome of an intense hunt for the best coffee beans. Cachet d’Or standsout thanks to its splendid floral undertones and slightly bitter flavour with the citric and fruity touches.

Organic and/or Fair Trade

Coffee is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%. For more visit sourcing. Organic products Certified by Ecocert France SAS FR-BIO-01
Costa Rica Carolina Beans
coffee with woody undertones

A coffee with fresh notes, more woody and spicy at the end of the harvest. Cultivation under the shade of coffee contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.