In 2004, the concept of sustainable development started appealing to Malongo’s executive committee. All of our departments were therefore encouraged to carry out a prospective analysis, aiming to come up with an ambitious policy that would additionally be in accordance with our Quality policy.


In the beginning

Concerned about the issue of sustainable development, which was increasingly at the heart of the public debate, Malongo launched a prospective analysis in 2004 asking: What does this term imply? Are fair trade and sustainable development both synonyms? What must Malongo do to commit itself in this approach? Will it change the way we work? How should we communicate with our stakeholders? By reflecting upon these questions, Malongo started taking steps, firstly in order to validate the role of the sustainable development concept within its everyday activity, and secondly in order to ensure that it would be indeed implemented.

Our charter

Malongo’s sustainable development charter made the company’s policy official in 2007. It consists of 12 points that are a part of a volunteer approach that does not rely on any statutory obligations. These points are continuously being improved and refer to environmental, economical and social aspects of sustainable development:

  • Special relationship with the coffee-growing countries
  • Welfare of the corporation’s employees
  • Control and reduction of any negative environmental impact
  • Waste sorting and recycling
  • An active approach towards all suppliers
  • Incorporation of the eco-concept in R&D
  • Optimized packaging
  • Client satisfaction
  • Company’s participation in local dynamics
  • Financially ethical investment
  • Defining indicators between departments
  • Aiming for continuous improvement 


On a daily basis, these points reflect our team’s commitment, including a specific policy per department as well as several progress goals. A sustainable development committee was created in 2008, and Malongo strengthened its policy by hiring new staff: the Human Resources center benefited from a new "quality insurance and sustainable development" position as well as a “coffee-growing countries" position. Important investments were simultaneously made in terms of training, equipment and research & development.

In 2008, Malongo won the "Business & Environment Award" award, issued by a national competition organized by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development (MEDAD), which was open to all French businesses. The award was granted in the "Management and initiatives for sustainable development" category in recognition of the company’s commitment in terms of sustainable development, which is in line with the effort of continuity that has been undertaken for more than 15 years (fair trade, waste sorting practices…).