Business ethics, maintaining dialogue with its stakeholders, equity within the corporation… these are the three areas of Malongo’s continuous improvement.

Label Coffee

Given its role as a pioneer in the art of fair trade, Malongo is currently the main market participant for Max Havelaar and organic coffee. Due to its quality policy, all organic coffee imported by Malongo justifies a price difference in comparison with the conventional coffee market. The Max Havelaar brand solely works with small coffee growers. 


  2007 2006 2005
Imports (thousands) 7 057 7 068 6 427
Origins 72 68 66
Importing country 31 29 29
MH Import volume 35,8% 36,2% 33,6%
MH Import value 40,3% 40,9% 42,2%
MH Sales / Total Sales 35% 34,2% 30%

            > Malongo sales for the Max Havelaar label (MH) 

Relationship with coffee-growing countries

Besides its commitment to working with small coffee growers, Malongo develops contractual partnerships with collaborating plantations: technical cooperation and training programs (Mexico, Haiti, Congo), artistic cooperation (Mexico), technological innovation programs (Haiti), supporting the revival of coffee production (New Caledonia) or endorsing humanitarian support programs (Zimbabwe, Haiti). All of these initiatives are mainly supported by the Malongo Foundation.

Wage policy

It is based on 5 points: an employment policy based on a long term contract (98% of CMC jobs), employee training (Training/Wage bill: 3.06%), an equality principle (reassessment of the salary scale in 2007), a social policy consisting in hiring people who are experiencing difficulties and avoiding all types of discrimination when hiring new staff. In 2008, Malongo became a member of the IMS Entreprendre pour la Cité (Act for the City) initiative and signed a diversity charter.

Financially ethical investment

By following the same approach than its financial policy, Malongo has reflected upon its bank products. Financially ethical products being suggested by its banks now represent 25% of the firm’s funds.

Territorial integration

As a dynamic business based on the French Côte d’Azur, Malongo develops several types of activity within that region: cultural development, joint initiatives with other businesses, open house events… Malongo is an active member of the Business Club in the Carros-le-Broc industrial zone, where it is currently based. It is this Club that originally launched an initiative for joint waste management and is supporting several other projects (Company Travel Plan…).

Malongo Foundation

Created in 2007, the Malongo Foundation has strengthened the firm’s participation in several community and support programs. Malongo supports health, cultural and childhood protection associations. Some examples are the France Haiti Partage association which works for the rehabilitation of children living in the streets of Port-au-Prince and for the development of micro-credits in Haitian villages, the French Association against Myopathy, and the CERES association, which carries out research regarding food security issues.