New Oh DiscoOH DISCO: yet another Malongo event!

It's the last word in espresso machines by Malongo in all the colours of the rainbow!

Eva Fashionista, the style diva, was the first to spot its shapes and feel and has chosen it as the star of the year, the precursor of machines for the coming decade.

It's called Disco and is not retro for one iota. On the contrary, this innovation from Malongo is as gifted in its form as in its substance. Shape or rather shapes which are soft, sensual. Soft to the touch, very easy on the eye, richly colourful.

This is the first thing that attracts you to Disco, whose side panels diffuse a random or fixed pink, orange, green or blue light depending on its user's inspiration or desire.

Indeed, you can pick a colour and stick to it or let the machine decide on the ambience. Drinking a cup of coffee becomes even more enjoyable depending on the time of day and personal choice. Free and Zen, Oh Disco!

Fully automatic

But it isn't just shape and appearance and no one would dare to say to it "be quiet and look decorative!" As far as sustainable development goes, the lighting in the side panels is done by means of a low-consumption electrical device and can also be disconnected from the coffee function socket. Light or coffee, your choice.

With a two-year guarantee, it comes with a 16-bar pump and uses Malongo's 1,2,3 Spresso system.
The other innovation can be found in the fact that it's fully automatic.

Technically gifted, intuitive and luminous, streamlined and elegant, Oh Disco really is the star of the new season.