Exclusive for Naturalia, BioCoop and La Vie Claire, in organic grocery stores and supermarkets, here are two top of the range aptly named products, Bio-Bang and Biotanic.


Biotanic has been designed for those for whom only a full-bodied aroma will do, while Bio-Bang is for those who prefer milder coffees. Two ethical and original pure arabica recipes, traditionally roasted "for 20 minutes", which complete the Cafés MALONGO's top of the range collection.

The full-bodied aromas of Biotanic will captivate lovers of coffee with character. They take you on a journey to the heart of the tropical forest, around the Asian and South American coffee-producing areas dear to MALONGO. The flavour of this spicy blend of arabicas, offset with light woodland undertones, has an astonishingly long finish. The perfect accompaniment to a bitter chocolate dessert!

Bio-Bang is the entire world of coffee concentrated in a mild, slightly acid-tasting blend. An explosion of fresh and floral notes in the mouth with persistent aromas, evocative of the far-flung coffee-producing areas dear to MALONGO. It unveils the full range of its subtlety with desserts with a hint of the exotic or the orient.