The proof of the puddingLong live traditional farming!

Lift a cup of Malongo fair trade coffee to your lips and rediscover the authenticity of products born of small-scale farming. Remind yourself how much better it tastes than intensively farmed coffee! Fair trade has given back to our taste buds the rich palette of aromas and flavours that had been stolen from them.


The other outcast of the coffee market: the consumer!

Harvesting by hand

In small-scale farming, the coffee tree is cultivated in difficult natural conditions, on hillsides which are often steep and muddy, that can only be reached after several hours' walking. Harvesting by hand is the only way to guarantee optimum quality, as it allows only the fully mature beans to be picked (the ones with the highest sugar content, the sine qua non of the aromas revealed by roasting). But it is also, and by far, the most difficult! It is necessary to bend down the branches and bind them, turn the firmly attached beans one by one, until they come free of their stalk. As only mature beans are harvested, it is necessary to return again and again (7 times in Kenya). And yet the harvest continues to be a festive chore that is taken on by the whole family in a joyful atmosphere.


Malongo's know-how


Malongo is involved at each stage of coffee production. We regularly visit the coffee growers. From caring for the coffee trees to harvest, from extraction to drying, we are passionate about their work in a simple, companionable spirit. We see to it that the transport conditions are the very best (jute sacks, insulated containers). When the green coffee reaches our factory in Carros, it is our turn to bring all of our technical know-how to bear. And the very least we can do to respect the difficult and meticulous work up the line, so as not to squander so much care, is to do our very best! We make use of the best roasting method there is, slow (20 minutes) and a controlled temperature (230°C), which allows the coffee to reveal the very quintessence of its aromas. We put together the most harmonious blends. Our Quality Department runs any number of checks and our Research & Development laboratory is constantly looking to improve our packaging techniques. It also works on the design of better machines.