Moving heaven and earthA commitment that finds its roots in passion

A coffee merchant since 1934, Malongo made its entry into fair trade in 1992 after the meeting between its General Director, Jean-Pierre Blanc, and Father Francisco van der Hoff. Since then, the brand has travelled the world seeking out new coffee-growing areas and helping them to win valuable fair trade certification. At the same time, Malongo undertakes any number of campaigns to get international institutions involved and invests heavily in the promotion of fair trade in France.

On the coffee state of mind

Much more than a simple strategy, the commitment to fair trade is a corporate policy, i.e. a state of mind. Commercial interests are not the only engine driving our work, far from it. If you fall in love with an agricultural product, you also fall in love with the men and women who grow it. One cannot imagine a wine waiter doing without the occasional road trip to get to know vineyards and winemakers. He spends time in these areas, discusses, exchanges views, jokes. In so doing, he naturally strengthens the ties of mutual trust with the key link in the chain manufacturing the product to which he has devoted his life. It is not simply necessary to gain a full understanding of his profession; it is also a pleasure and a delight which is constantly repeated. This is how he comes to recognise in each of the vintages the personality, know-how, assiduous hard work and passion of each winemaker. Likewise, our coffees bear the noble fragrances of hard work and the culture of those who brought them into being. How could we even imagine finding a producer in poverty and destitution and react as if made of stone, or worse, take advantage of the situation to buy his goods from him at a price below its true value?

The experience, creativity and passion of Malongo excite a furious energy, essential in seeing such complex projects through to completion. The effectiveness demonstrated by Malongo earned it the 2008 Prize for Enterprise & Environment, in the "initiatives and management of sustainable development" category, awarded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development.



São Tomé: the adventure of a new certified coffee

Malongo comes, sees and swings into action /At the end of 2010, Malongo's retail outlets launched the "coffee from the middle of the world", a vintage produced by the work of coffee growers from the Republic of São Tomé and Principe, a small archipelago in the Gulf of Guinea, which is among the poorest and most debt-laden countries in the world. This coffee is still awaiting its organic and fair trade certification, but its story illustrates the nature and extent of the challenges that Malongo has to take up to bring a new certified coffee into the world.


Laos: a taste for risk!

Fair trade demands audacity and responsiveness /The exceptional Laotian vintage from the uplands of the Boloven plateau would never have become part of the Malongo range without the investigations, initiatives and risk-taking which are the brand's stock in trade. Or how Malongo goes about offering unique coffees!