CompetitionPlanning a "micro-utopia" once again illustrates Malongo's approach and values

The Malongo Design Competition, open to students from colleges of design, applied arts, plastic arts, architecture, young designers... successfully continues to plough its furrow. For its third edition, it takes a few side roads on the way to utopias and civically-minded life projects.

After "coffee comes to you", the theme of the 2009 edition, the one chosen this year is to facilitate the conception and supervision of a design project that embodies these values, which is generous and feasible, within a one-year timeframe and a maximum budget of € 10,000.


Three projects have thus been selected and will each receive a prize of € 2,000. The winner, announced in October, will be given assistance with fulfilling the project for one year and the budget offered, managed by Malongo.

 * Rise Above

Martial Marquet, a DESA architect and author of several Utopian town planning projects, came up with a "social hybrid system", a structure mid-way between architecture and furniture, capable of coping with the various customs of coffee and the times at which it is drunk. This "social machine" is intended to facilitate not only encounters and discussions but also isolation, observation and reverie, whilst offering itself as a link between cultures (the example comes from Peru, a coffee-producing country). Modules in wood, in easily assembled groups of three or five, can become an umpire's chair, a picnic table, a machine for climbing or meditating, a place to come together and share.

  * A container...

Michaël Jurado, a BTS student in Product Design, imagined a metal container with travel and reverie in mind. It could be used to carry coffee but he prefers imagery, expression and introspection. This soundproof container, equipped with microphones and mirrors, then becomes a database (voices, sounds...) and somewhere to meet passers-by, whose words can be recorded. The example comes from an installation on the Place Masséna in Nice, pending its possible future use in the Malongo Coffee Museum.

 * Free coffee

This project, presented by Maeva Phillippot, an industrial engineer and designer, intends to make "man and society the focus of the act of creation". It's a travelling coffee library, along the lines of a delivery tricycle – electric trike and trailer – built around coffee and reading, following the example of a street library. Taking books to people, particularly in rough housing estates or underprivileged areas, taking a break, having a chat over a cup of coffee... Curiosity, enjoyment, culture, sharing... The conviviality roadshow!


 The jury

The jury for this third competition is composed of Matali Crasset, Chantal Hamaïde (Intramuros design magazine), Patrick Elouarghi (Hi Hotel), Fabrice Pelletier (Agence P’référence – Design Gallery), Julien Michel (Designer, winner of the 2008 competition), Delphine Brudoux (Marketing Manager at Malongo), Jean Pierre Blanc (General Director of Cafés Malongo). The winner of the 2009 competition becomes a de facto member of the jury for the 2010 competition.