Coffee Beans


250 g. pack

The Espresso flavour. Enjoy this fruity flavour, and the intense aroma of this Arabica from Central America. Malongo produces this coffee using traditional methods to guarantee the properties of the beans and allow you to savour a rich, thick and creamy espresso combining strong taste with the finesse of a quality Arabica. Vacuum packaging ensures that no aroma is lost and guarantees fresh coffee to your door.

250 g. pack

Small growers producing big coffees. Enjoy the fruity taste, smoothness and leather and forestry undertones of this Arabica from Central America with its intense aroma. Produced using traditional methods before being vacuum packed to ensure all the aromas and freshness of a quality Arabica coffee reach your cup. Max Havelaar label.

The Max Havelaar label guarantees that this coffee has been produced and sold in accordance with international fair trade standards. Purchase this product and contribute to improving the living and working conditions of growers in Central America. The Max Havelaar association checks compliance with standards.

1 kg. pack

An espresso by excellence. Enjoy this delicate taste and full bodied aroma. This coffee blend has unrivalled flavour, the exclusive product of world renowned plantations. This careful mixture combines strength with finesse. The diversity of its origins is clearly reflected in the rich flavour. This coffee is the product of traditional slow roasting. The coffee is vacuum packed straight after production and the freshness valve in each pack protects the original aromas.