Malongo: a rainbow of coffees. A wide range, a very wide range! One unique method: 20-minute roasting. Slow and progressive. Revealing all of the aromas of the coffee without changing anything. Immediate vacuum packaging. Guaranteed absolute authenticity.

  • Malongo: coffee from plantations to cups
    We demand only one thing: perfection. This applies at all stages: from the plantation, where the coffee takes form, to the final packaging presented to customers. Our specifications are strict: taste and sanitary quality.
  • Malongo: our coffee list
    We do not think coffee, but coffees. Our mission: to ensure we offer your favourite coffee, with no compromising. Not to mention your favourite coffee on a morning. Oh yes, and your favourite coffee after lunch. Your wake-up coffee and your leisurely coffee for the taste buds. The right coffee exists for each and every part of your day. And we can offer it.
  • Malongo: ensuring the right coffee packaging
    From the Grande Réserve, an elegant can in black metal, to our 14 quality Arabica coffees in pods, Malongo can offer coffee in the format to suit you.
  • Malongo: the art of diversity
    • our range covers: hotel and catering professionals, wholesale consumers, Malongo Café regulars and Internet users purchasing coffee via e-commerce
    • packaging to meet daily requirements: pod system, coffee beans, ground coffee, freeze-dried coffee
    • a wide range of blends: 18 references
    • wide range of "Single-origin" coffees: 60 references for coffee beans and ground coffee
    • an extensive coffee list: 14 quality Arabica coffees in pods 
    • two tea pod references: green tea, black tea
    • specific products: decaffeinated, reduced-fat, kosher, Turkish or aromatic coffees
    • a wide range of teas: 50 references are available in our Malongo Cafés not to mention a wide range on sale via our web site.
      Quality requirements are identical to those applied to our coffees.
    • a complementary range: cups, mugs, sugars, biscuits, chocolates, mignardises, books, etc.