Malongo uses slow and gradual traditional roasting, taking 20 minutes. This is the only method able to develop the full aromas of quality coffees. With 1,2,3 Spresso, coffee pods hold 7 grams, placed with care: this ensures that the espressos benefit from consistent, professional quality.

Entirely natural

Our pods are in natural paper filter, with no bleach or glue. The authentic flavours remain untouched. Pods are vacuum-packed immediately after roasting, and offer the guarantee of a fresh product and complete aroma conservation.

Two formats

Packs: a pack of 12 individually vacuum packed pods.

These individually-packed pods are also available in boxes of 100 pods and, for some coffees, in 40-pod distributors.

Trays: for professional usage in Pro Pods.

10 pods in a vacuum-packed tray.

Our pod coffee list :

Jamaica Blue Mountain

An exceptional coffee. The most prestigious and rare Arabica coffee. A superb flavour. A sharp, sparkly taste. This is considered to be the best coffee in the world!

Grande Réserve

Strength and flavour. Enjoy this well-balanced mix of the most noble coffees. A strict, but subtle blend of eight Arabica coffees. A very aromatic and slightly sour taste.

Brazil Sul de Minas

The best coffee in Brazil. Enjoy this strong rich-bodied coffee with its long-lasting flavour: an espresso for connoisseurs. A creamy coffee with some strong aromas.

Ethiopian Moka

Strong body, wild aromas and great flavour. Enjoy the long-lasting flavour of the original coffee.

Colombia Supremo

Flatteur au palais, son arôme est fin, fruité, son corps léger et rond. Un cru des hauts plateaux et des petites plantations.

Coffee by Small Growers

Your palate will just love this fine, fruity aroma and this light and round-bodied coffee. This coffee comes from the high plateaus and small plantations.

 Cachet d’Or

Enjoy the soft and fruity, but subtly acid flavour of this combination of rare Arabica coffees. The double origin of a deliciously creamy coffee.


A rare, thick and creamy coffee. A full-bodied aroma with authentic flavour. We selected the best harvests from quality single-origin coffees from Latin America and Africa.