The cult of Quality

The only way to ensure top of the range products is to demand quality at every step in the manufacturing process. Malongo applies this principle scrupulously at every stage, from the plantation to the table.

A rigorously applied charter

Harvest, transport and storage that respect raw materials

The producers of the 69 varieties from 30 different countries are subject to the same requirements. All the criteria that guarantee the best possible quality must be respected: shaded plantations, at altitude, green coffee picked by hand in several passages (to only select the ripest berries, unlike intensive mechanised harvesting which also uses harmful fertilisers and pesticides) and drying that does not alter grains. The most appropriate method of transport is in jute sacks and insulated containers.

Freeze-drying within the rules of the art

The cornerstone of the whole process, we freeze dry our coffee naturally in the traditional way at Malongo. It is this craft aspect that guarantees high quality taste and flavour for Malongo coffees. It takes no less than twenty minutes at high temperature to enable flavours to develop to the full within the grain. In addition, Malongo coffees are cooled without adding water, i.e. they are brewed and cooled simply through contact with the air for a few minutes. While legislation authorises a moisture rate of 5%, Malongo coffees never exceed 2%.

Packaging and grinding methods


Malongo attaches great value to packaging. Our coffees are always vacuum packed immediately in order to best preserve their freshness and the subtlety of their aromas. There are three methods of packaging, each of which has its own advantages. The soft packet has four sealed corners for better inline resistance and a smart valve which lets air out but prevents air getting in to avoid the coffee becoming damp or spoiling in contact with oxygen. The metal tin has the environmental advantage in that it can be recycled over and over again. Finally, the individual pods for the 1, 2, 3 Spresso machines, which are especially practical and functional, have the same features. This search for both taste and sanitary quality has been officially recognised since 2001 by IFS version 5 and ISO 14001 certification for the Malongo factory, which also received the "Living Heritage Company" award in 2008.

 What’s more, Malongo’s own quality department carries out inspections on our products at every step in the process.