Strength through Innovation

While Malongo’s core activity – and the key to our success - freeze-drying, is a long-standing tradition, our more recent technical activities are resolutely geared towards innovation. Malongo has launched trends that have revolutionised the coffee world, and the brand is still a fore-runner when it comes to innovation.

Always one step ahead

Offering new tastes

Although the Malongo coffee map is already exceptionally rich, our teams are constantly seeking new plantations around the world whose coffee can deliver new flavours. Malongo has also revolutionised our conception of coffee with the creation of Pures Origines. These varieties take a regional approach to coffee, just like for wine.

Improving methods to preserve all of these delicate aromas

We feel that it is simply out of the question for any of the taste of our coffee to be lost between the plantation and the table: this search for originality, combined with our over-riding desire for quality, has encouraged Malongo to innovate in the packaging domain. The company won several World Packaging Oscars in the 1980s and 1990s.

Making life much easier for coffee lovers

Why make life difficult? The most revolutionary innovation launched by Malongo is certainly its 1, 2, 3 Spresso machine concept, with its individual pods, patented and revealed to the world in 1997. Until then, preparing a delicious expresso easily was nothing more than a fond wish, which Malongo's eminent R&D laboratory was able to grant. The right amount of coffee is added to the pod, the pod in question is ejected automatically and minimal maintenance is required. All the customer needs to do is enjoy...

Creating a moral economic model

Malongo was also a fore-runner in adapting its economic model to fair trade principles. Not only has the company adopted the bases of fair trade in full, it also campaigns actively to see these principles adopted across the whole industry.