Freedom to enjoy coffee

De nouveaux modes de consommation du café gagnent du terrain, boostés par l’interdiction de fumer dans les cafés.

Malongo is keeping up with nomadism

The takeaway coffee revolution

Americans have been used to drinking their coffee from paper cups for decades. Put a lid on your paper cup and you can take your coffee anywhere. Rather than "downing" your coffee quickly at the end of the bar, you can take it away with you, sip it in the street, on a bench, in a car or on public transport, right the way up to your office.
This trend goes hand in hand with “snacking” and eating on the move.

The increase in tastes and flavours

Whether for takeaway or taking your time over, the range of coffee on offer has also exploded over the last few years: expresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and flavoured coffee. These new flavours are especially attractive to women and help to initiate young people into the world of coffee. But the expresso remains king and will always be the favourite of true coffee lovers, with establishments offering them an increasingly wide range of pure origin varieties.