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The Malongo product range anticipates trends

Innovative solutions

Now more than ever it’s important to make an effort in terms of quality of product, taste and welcome. Your customers are the best advert for your establishment. It's also important to renew your non-alcoholic product range, particularly the coffee product range. Malongo is constantly enhancing its menu with new flavours which are the key asset behind every successful product.
The huge success achieved by the “coffee and a biscuit” formula over the last few years is a perfect example of one way to adapt your offer to new lifestyles. For a quick treat with less guilt than a dessert, this formula attracts on average 1 customer in 3 in 40% of establishments which offer it. We can therefore imagine a whole host of new features based around coffee which would bring the population back through the doors of your establishments, such as organising tasting sessions, or “Barista” workshops to highlight the art of preparing expresso-based drinks (cocktails, cappuccinos, etc.).

Boosting the Hotel industry’s coffee product range

Nowadays, the success of expresso machines means that everyone is so used to enjoying a good cup of coffee and this demand for quality must be met. Malongo’s offer for hotels is all-encompassing. Malongo machines and products make customers feel "at home", both at breakfast or in their bedroom.

No breakfast is complete without coffee

With 44% market share, it’s safe to say that coffee is French people’s favourite morning drink. On the one hand, customers are looking for quality and speed, and on the other professionals are looking for an easy way to make their customers happy. Malongo has something for customers and professionals alike. Thanks to our training modules, staff are fully prepared in how to maintain machines, how to use just the right amount of coffee and how to organise and enhance their offer. Depending on their size and type of customer, each establishment can choose the machines that suit them. Malongo's wide range of products has something for every taste - from quality filter coffee to expressos, not forgetting tea and hot chocolate.

The simplicity of Malongo's self-service machines is particularly appreciated in the hotel industry, by staff and customers alike.

Enjoying a coffee in the bedroom

What better way to stand out from the competition and delight customers than by offering a quality expresso? The idea is to offer a modern, friendly, comfortable and original setting. Malongo's machines, such as the OH'MATIC are ideal, with their contemporary design, easy use and pod system enabling perfect preservation and a wide choice of coffees. Malongo's excellence and its high quality coffees and teas are indicated to increase the attractiveness of top of the range bedrooms or suites. Customers can take a break from the world at any time and relax and "luxuriate" while enjoying a quality cup of coffee.