A responsible and Fair company

Recognised for the superior quality of its products, Malongo is also highly-respected for its production and marketing models. Whether in the areas of organic faming or fair trade, the company has shown the way and is a model for others.

Fair and controlled values

Preserving the environment

When it comes to farming, favouring quality over quantity goes hand in hand with safeguarding natural ecosystems. Organic farming was the natural choice for Malongo. Most Malongo products therefore carry the prestigious AB label.
But the desire to protect the planet does not just have an effect on production. The company’s demands are such that the sustainable development concept affects all departments: EDF “renewable energy” contracts, factory waste sorting and conversion, eco-design for packaging, supplier awareness, maximum reduction in our carbon footprint, new HQE site (natural materials, geothermal heating, solar panels, etc.). At all levels, all of our teams are mobilised to reduce their direct or indirect environmental impact.

Respecting people

In the same way as organic farming has both an ethical and quality aspect; working with “small producers” rather than large industrial operators has a positive impact on both the product and on people. This is the principle of fair trade. It involves protecting small farmers against the worldwide market and local intermediaries in order to give them the resources to exist in a dignified way. The guarantee of a fair minimum purchase price shelters them from the major fluctuations in the stock market. They then become actors in local development in terms of infrastructure, health, education and other areas.

In the medium term, this commercial partnership will help to improve the living conditions for thousands of people. Malongo is a pioneer in the area of fair trade and is extending its actions in this area within the UN’s Global Compact for a more viable and more open economy.