Coffee beans

The Grand Reserve – « Magnum 3 kg»

Thanks to our slow, traditional roasting process, the Malongo Grand Reserve Expresso Bar offers the highest quality. Grown at altitude, these 8 great Arabica varieties are then dry vacuum packed. This process enables the full flavour to be preserved and removes any risk of oxidation and spoiling. Practicality adds to the overall quality of the product. No handling after opening. Easy and complete stock control.

The Malongo Grand Reserve Expresso Bar won the 1987 Packaging Oscar.

Small Producers Pure Arabica – 1 kg

This coffee offers a nice, acid touch, a fine bitterness and a pleasant taste. There are hints of leather and undergrowth.

Small Producers Arabica Robusta – 1 kg

A very soft coffee with a fine cream and body. An excellent, traditional coffee with a balanced flavour.

Royal Pure Arabica – 1 kg

A very even and mild coffee, this is ideal for an expresso. Its complex blend offers a fine, lasting taste.

Impérial Pure Arabica - 1 kg

This coffee with its fruity, aromatic notes is ideal for breakfast. The Imperial is a balanced coffee composed of 6 Arabica varieties, with an acidic touch that gives this coffee great finesse and a powerful body.

Select – 1kg

This coffee with its generous body offers a long-lasting taste and a touch of acidity. It is a balanced and rounded coffee with a slight hint of wood.

Brasserie – 1 kg

This coffee with a powerful body and a lasting taste offers a fine cream with a touch of acidity.

Garibaldi Pure Arabica – 1 kg

The body and power of this typically Italian expresso is ideal for cappuccinos and lattes.

Premium - 1 kg

The richness of the composition of its origins, combining strength and finesse, determines the unrivalled flavour when tasting this authentic expresso with its delicate flavour and its deep, generous aroma.