Packaging In order to help you sort your waste, we provide information on our packaging. The metal canister used by Malongo, which can be recycled ad infinitum, and the cardboard packaging for the coffee pods must be disposed of in your selective sorting bin. Traditional packaging, such as coffee bags, is difficult to recycle. Our pod packaging in flexible plastic can be recycled but only plastic bottles are currently recycled in France. The table below develops each of these points.

Type of packaging


Metal Canister


 Our steel packaging can be recycled ad infinitum. It must therefore be disposed of in the selective sorting bin. This simple gesture will make it possible to conserve natural resources and give the canister a number of subsequent lives (bicycle frame, kitchen utensils, etc.).

Cardboard pod packaging

 This cardboard packaging can be recycled and must therefore be disposed of in your selective sorting bin – It will be re-used in particular by the paper industry.

Pod packaging

 This packaging in flexible and semi-rigid plastic can be recycled but is not recycled in France where only plastic bottles are currently handled by the recycling sector. On the other hand, it will provide a very good source of alternative energy in local communities heated by energy from incinerators.

250 g pack and soft pod pack

 These traditional forms of packaging are complex, multi-layer forms of packaging and are more difficult to recycle.



Since 2006, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) must no longer be thrown in the bin. This Directive concerns all appliances powered by mains electricity, dry cells or batteries in order that they can be processed and recycled. If your old Malongo machine is worn out, is no longer under guarantee and you want to get rid of it, you must either dispose of it at the municipal dump provided, or return it to your point of sale for white goods. The appliance will then be collected and processed by Eco-system, an eco-organisation endorsed by the public authorities. You can also take it back to one of our shops. The worn out machines intended for the general public that we take in are dismantled by our technical department with a view to recycling or reconditioning their components (metal, electrical parts, Brita filter, etc.), a voluntary approach that adds to the eco-contribution paid by Malongo and consumers.