Malongo actively advertises coffee growing. We consider ourselves purveyors of an art, a science, a history. Our research: coffee history and news, producing countries, botanical varieties, health, agronomy, market conditions…

It was all based on one observation. Coffee has its own vocabulary, techniques, and tasting rituals, just like wine. However, coffee does not enjoy the same recognition as wine. We therefore decided to share our knowledge, to create lessons on coffee.


Targeting the general public, professionals and hotel schools

Our training department has organised teaching modules since 1995: the organoleptic definition of coffee, botanical and historical knowledge, fair trade.

Targeting growers

We offer teaching modules for technical personnel supervising growers on-site. Developed in partnership with the CIRAD (Centre for Agricultural Research for Development).

Institutes, selective schools and National education


Malongo took the initiative of preparing lessons on coffee, which are now taught in hotel and catering schools, not to mention culinary training institutes: Paul Bocuse Institute, Von university, Institut des hautes études du goût, and selective schools. Le Cerpet 2007, a partnership with National education authorities, led to the training of a dozen hotel school teachers in 2008.

The Coffee studio

An original initiative from 2008: install a coffee training space at the heart of the Paul Bocuse institute. We organise around a dozen fun educational modules in this prestigious French management school, specialised in the hotel and catering sectors and culinary arts. Our modules target the 300 pupils of the Institute, professionals in the hotel and catering sectors, and coffee fans looking to extend their coffee knowledge.

This exclusive partnership ensures the quality image of the exceptional product known as coffee. Coffee is a luxury product, in the same way as controlled appellation wines.

Sharing coffee

  • A training department, coffee classes, teaching links, a museum collection, and editorial initiatives: Malongo passes on the ethical and quality-based aspects of coffee, historical heritage and the living heritage of a complete culinary art.
  • Not forgetting: a library, the creation of a museum, with the most beautiful collection of coffee mills in the world, a book on La Passion du café  (Coffee passion), an encyclopaedic and convenient CD ROM, "Passion Café"., a journal "Le Journal du Café", and an association "Le Cercle de l'Art du Café".