Its aim: stimulate the creativity of students and young design professionals. Participants are given a theoretical question or new practical requirements. In 2008, we considered the question Rupture or continuity - creation of a new coffee container -. In 2009, Coffee in your home - design of a mobile, modular, eco-designed unit-. In 2010, Plan your own micro-utopia - design and implementation of a responsible lifestyle.

Malongo, cultural policy and design

1995. We acquired a large collection of coffee-related objects. Since this time, our cultural policy has been constantly developed. We participate in exhibitions on coffee. We add to our collection - old works, coffee services, etchings -. We support creation: based on issues relating to the policies of Malongo and coffee.
We decided to advertise and share all aspects of the history of coffee.

Our production team was able to combine contemporary design and technological challenges with the espresso pod machine, Oh Espresso by Malongo. This machine received the Janus de l’Industrie 2008 award, and satisfies the 5 E rule: Ergonomic, Eye-pleasing, Economic, Ethical, Emotion.


The Malongo Foundation is launching a call for responsible lifestyle projects under the title Micro-Utopia. This contest targets the design and implementation of a responsible lifestyle project, based on the values of the Nice-based roaster. This contest is still sponsored by Matali Crasset and Chantal Clavier-Hamaide.

Malongo values:

  • Product quality, monitored at every stage, from the plantation to the cup.
  • The sharing and ethics we target in our relations with small growers and all of our partners.
  • Innovation, a concept defended by Malongo since the start, establishing new coffee-based concepts.

The aim of Micro-Utopia: prepare and support a design project, incarnating and deploying the values of Malongo in a precise area, preferably in France.
The project will be innovative, have wide-ranging objectives and be feasible within one year. This project will imply a budget of 10,000 euros or less and contribute to improving living standards, the environment and human relations, or sharing ideas relating to the key issues of our time. The project will refer to one or more aspects of coffee, either in detail or more generally: history, economy, politics, symbols, etc.