With Malongo, gourmet coffee took a step onto the wholesale market. Traditionally the leader on the Fair Trade coffee market in France, our range has extended to include certified Organic coffees. Our coffee list can satisfy a wide range of consumer preferences.

Did you say coffee?

While ground coffee or beans remain the leading products with 48% of sales, pod coffee sales have exploded, to reach 36%. Also seriously on the up: Max Havelaar label coffees, AB label organic coffees… and products with both labels. Medium and large stores represented 40% of our turnover in 2008.

Our coffee list

Ground coffee, beans, pods, metal cans, packs or boxes, subtle blends of Arabica, Arabica-Robusta coffees or special single-origin coffee editions: each reference has its own individual body and bitterness.

Our wholesale range:

  • Coffee by Small Growers, Fair Trade
  • Single-origin coffee from Haiti-Guatemala, Fair trade
  • Single-origin coffee from Moka-Congo, Fair trade
  • La Tierra, Organic & Fair
  • Deca Aqua
  • Suprêmo d’Arabica
  • Organic Cristal d’Arôme
  • Purs Matins
  • L’Express
  • Italian taste

Single-origin coffees: a range of 11 quality coffees. 100% Arabica regional ground coffees in black metal cans.

  • Grande Réserve, Brazil Sul de Minas, Ethiopian Moka, Pure Colombian coffee, Pure Papua coffee, Pure Kenyan coffee, Haitian Blue, Maragogype, Guadeloupe Bonifieur, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Dolce.

All of our coffees are roasted using traditional techniques. This method guarantees the excellent sensory quality of the coffee when it reaches the cup.

Small growers/Fair trade: a complete range!

Fruity taste, intense aroma: these quality Arabica coffees from Central America come in all formats: beans, ground coffee, pods and freeze-dried coffee. You can also try our fair trade sugar and chocolate squares to ensure a fair and square coffee break.

Small growers/Fair trade: the complete story!

In 1997, when Malongo decided to work with Max Havelaar and created its Coffee by small growers, Fair trade was totally unknown in France. In 2008, 82% of French citizens knew what Fair Trade meant. We, here at Malongo, are happy and proud to have substantially contributed to this development and remain the leader in the fair trade coffee segment in France, in wholesale.