NON-CONSUMABLESVariations on the theme of the cup

Stainless steel spatulas

These absolutely original and elegant spatulas will ensure your presentation stands out from the crowd


Coffee is a land of pleasure filled with minor details which transform the art of serving into the art of living.

Single-origin indicators

These indicators are designed to decorate your Espresso cups and ensure your customer knows where his or her coffee came from

2-cup Wenge wood holder

Adding extra intimacy and originality when opting for coffee for two …

Sugar holders

Our Wenge wood line is authentic and elegant, yet understated

  • Half-format Wenge wood sugar holder
  • Wenge wood sugar holder

The Wenge pack for trays of 10 pods

A luxury professional coffee service with discrete and authentic elegance:
traditionally roasted, vacuum packed and displayed in trays of 10 pods, this is coffee luxury to start with. Then presenting 5 varieties in a glossy Wenge wood pack, is quite simply unique!
Leave your customers free to vary their selection from our Coffee list and their tags:
Grande Réserve, Colombie Suprêmo, Brazil Sul de Minas, Ethiopian Moka, water decaffeinated, Coffee by small growers based on Fair Trade, Purs Matins.


The tags indicate the origin and specific taste of each coffee or blend

Hotel and catering packs

This Wenge wood pack is an invitation into the world of espresso tasting

Your customers are given free rein to ring the changes of the Coffee Menu and their descriptive cards:
Grande Réserve, Colombie Suprêmo, Brésil Sul de Minas, Moka d'Ethiopie, Natural Decaf with water, Fair Trade Coffee from Small Producers, Purs Matins.