The Cups

Coffee is a ritual, the cup its high priest: - The carefully calculated thickness of the porcelain absorbs the heat and the coffee quickly reaches the right temperature. - The conical movement of its tulip-shape helps to form the cream. - Its pure whiteness enhances the colour of the coffee.

Espresso cups with the Malongo logo

In a sober style in white porcelain, these cups bear the black & gold coat of arms. A set of matching saucers is clearly included.

Tea cups with the Malongo logo

Tea or cappuccino will feel right at home in these large white porcelain cups and their saucers.

Tutti Colori cups

These porcelain cups and saucers bear an exotic multi-colour pattern.

Mirror cups

A subtle combination of porcelain and light. This silvered cup reflects the coloured pattern on the saucer.

Single-origin cups

A naive art style. These cups portray the lives of our growers. A set of Espresso cups pays homage to six quality single-origin coffees. The best coffees from around the world hold hands....

Kouassi cups

A painting by the artist Godefroy Kouassi appears on each cup. The original works were produced with clay and coffee grounds on jute bags, and are based on geometric variations of figures from African geomancy FA.

Oval Espresso cups with the Malongo logo.

Oval Espresso cups with the Malongo logo.

Oval Tea cups with the Malongo logo.

These original large cups are ideal for your cappuccinos and teas

Oval Gourmand Coffee cups with the Malongo logo.

Add a few sweet mignardises to accompany your espresso thanks to the "Cafés Gourmands" cups…

Oval mugs with the Malongo logo.

Use these large mugs to enjoy hot chocolates, cafés latte and other delicious drinks…

Black & white cups

The "black and white espresso" range

Coffee, a land of aroma and contrast! This collection of cups created by Malongo came about from the contrast between round and square, the pure contemporary lines that evoke at once exquisite pleasure and stability.