These extremely fine chocolate squares will melt in your mouth, revealing the flavours and aromas of your coffee. A double layer of aluminium and paper wrapping ensure the ideal conservation of this chocolate with 66% cacao.


A touch of cinnamon: these small biscuits are just destined to accompany your coffee.


Be a rebel, enjoy these delicious grilled almonds in their milk chocolate coatings.

Sticks of white sugar

Caster sugar, a must for coffee. The only way to avoid breaking up your espresso cream.

Sticks of brown sugar

A good espresso should be served with caster sugar to avoid breaking up the cream. This brown sugar holds the  Max Havelaar label.

The Max Havelaar label guarantees that this coffee has been produced and sold in accordance with international fair trade standards. Purchase this product and contribute to improving the living and working conditions of growers in Central America. The Max Havelaar association checks compliance with standards. www.maxhavelaarfrance.org.