STANDARD COFFEES250 g. metal cans


This quality coffee is the equivalent of a fine vintage Champagne in the coffee sector. The delicate flavour of this subtle combination of the most prestigious Arabica coffees in the world will take hold of you. Roasted and ground using authentic traditional methods, the coffee is immediately vacuum packed in its metal can. This fine, mellow, slightly fruity and long-lasting aromatic taste is carefully preserved.

Cristal d'Arôme

This superb Arabica coffee is the fruit of a combination of three exceptional single-origin coffees. The nobility of these single-origin coffees ensures a full-bodied, slightly acid flavour. Coffee plants are grown in the shade on small plantations, long-standing organic farms. Only very mature coffee cherries are picked, one by one, by hand. This requirement and this care and attention guarantee a strong bodied wild aroma and an enjoyable flavour.

Purs Matins

Hassle-free coffee! Not everyone likes the combination of milk and coffee. To keep everyone happy, we have prepared this coffee. This drink has reduced wax, fat and acidity. This coffee contains the best single-origin beans and retains the nobility of quality Arabica coffees. Caffeine content is unchanged. You can also try this traditionally roasted smooth and easy-to-digest coffee with milk.