This machine can provide an ideal long-term performance.
This professional machine uses Malongo pods and is equipped with Cimbali high technology.


  • two benchmark references in the hotel and catering sector have come together to create a top quality machine
  • a simple screen for access to all functions
  • easy cleaning thanks to the absence of external systems

Technical characteristics 

Voltage 380-415 V3N – 220-240 V3N
Power 4,3 - 5 kW
H x L x D 51,9 x 71,5 x 56,3 cm
Net weight 70 kg
Materials inox, laiton, plastique
Pump 16 bars
Supplied by the main water network  
Mobile cup holder  
Espresso 2 per machine
Long Espresso 2 per machine
Long Coffee 2 per machine
Cappuccino with the TurboStream system  


Perfect froth at the right temperature:

the built-in compressor can be used to adjust the air and create perfect froth; the built-in probe ensures close temperature control. This is known as the TurboStream system. This system can also be used to make a quick and delicious creamy cappuccino.

Optimised performances:

the electronic SmartBoiler system ensures constant pressure for the distribution of hot water. This system prevents production shortfallings.

Constant quality:

Cimbali high technology guarantees official perfect results. Malongo expertise handles finesse and taste: traditionally roasted coffee pods with immediate vacuum packing. Aromas are fully preserved.