Oh Matic - The semi-automatic machineSemi-automatic operation for greater freedom!

Select your preferred coffee: espresso or Grande Tasse and leave Oh Matic to stop the coffee cycle automatically.

Short or long Espresso

Easy-to-use: insert the pod, select coffee, press on the espresso or grande tasse key. The coffee will be poured at the right time, and the cycle will stop automatically. That's all there is to it! Select position 0 and the pod will be ejected!

The benefits

Fine lines, easy-to-use, quick execution, automatic pod ejection, 100% filtered water, minimum servicing and a wide range of quality coffees from our International list of coffees, teas and infusions. Oh Matic, convenient and full of taste.

Technical characteristics

Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
power 1,05 Kw
(H x L x D) 40,4 x 23,5 x 39,4 cm
Net weight 4 kg
Tank 1.3 L
Pump 16 bars
Colours Black

Semi-automatic model with espresso or grande tasse selector. No hot water outlet or steam nozzle for making cappuccinos.

2-year warranty with 48-hour home exchange service
Contact our machine after-sales service for more details. Call the customer service n° 09 69 32 20 36 and press 3. The call is charged as an ordinary call.