The quality of the coffee depends on its packaging. Our decision to opt for immediate packaging, our strict specifications, our daily checks and the corrective action taken when necessary, all guarantee the luxury quality of our coffees. We look to the future with a sustained, environmentally-friendly, innovation policy.

Malongo: the packaging Oscars

In the 1980s, we launched many commercial and technological packaging innovations. We received several professional Oscars for the following packaging:

1987: 3 kg coffee bean Magnum for professionals in the hotel and catering sector
1990: the can for the Single-origin coffee series. A splendid black can for 100% luxury Arabica coffees
1995: the Rare coffees pack. A pack of 3 boxes of ground coffee and a mixer
1996: the innovation trophy awarded by the Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle (French Intellectual Property Institute)

Malongo: the art of optimisation

We continue to optimise packaging and perform research and development for new packaging. Our long-term partnerships with our suppliers are based on two criteria:

  • the preservation of the coffee aromas
  • protecting the environment

This optimisation was successful: in 2003 we reduced the weight of our metal cans by 12%. In 2004, we reduced the weight of our pod boxes by 20%. We also changed the varnish on these boxes for environmental purposes.

The sorting of waste, part of our approach since 1992, and re-use, are integrated in our environmental policy.

Malongo: a coherent environmental policy

In 2008, we received the Entreprises et Environnement award.

This award recognises the coherence of the sustainable development management and initiatives policy of companies.

Our constant optimisation of packaging was particularly highlighted at the award ceremony. This is clear recognition for Malongo, and for our commitment to this innovation policy in view of sustainable development which has existed for several years now.

Happy new year! Happy new coffee!

Here at Malongo, we extend our coffee list every year. We hunt these new jewels out for you around the planet:  unexpected flavours, exceptional coffees, original blends. The innovation goes on for decaffeinated, reduced-fat or Turkish coffees, etc, all catering to your specific requirements.

This diversity and constant extending of our coffee list started towards the end of the 1980s:

  • 1986: the "single-origins" range
  • 1987: two blends: Grande réserve and Suprêmo.  These coffees also come in a 3 kg metal can for hotel use
  • 1990: Rare coffees
  • 1990: reduced-fat coffee: "Matins Digestes"
  • 1992: organic coffee la Tierra  with the AB label
  • 1995: Aromatic coffees
  • 1997: coffee by Small growers under the Max Havelaar label
  • 1997: pod coffee – launch of a range of 11 origins, now available
  • 2005: two new Max Havelaar blends : Cachet d’or and Dessert
  • 2008: Deca Aqua, first ever water-decaffeinated, solvent-free, organic and fair trade coffee
  • 2009: the Bio Tea range, a range of organic teas