2001, Marseille. Maison de l’artisanat et des métiers d’art. We exhibited more than 800 coffee mills.

2003, Maison-Lafitte. Château de Maison. Exhibition of coffee and its role in sociability.

2003, Limoges. Adrien Dubouché museum.

2010, Reunion island. Le Café à Bourbon exhibition. A new look at the history of coffee growing in this area of the Indian ocean. This exhibition includes prestigious articles from our collection.


Since 2005, Malongo has supported contemporary creations. After Arthur Barrio at Palais de Tokyo, Malongo is currently supporting the Senegalese artist Ndary Lô. Her large portraits, sometimes painted using coffee, pay homage to those having fought for the recognition of human rights.


Malongo regularly commits to new editorial projects and supports its priority projects each year. Homages to fair trade or to the history of coffee or culinary arts, these books share part of our world and our taste for quality with the general public.

Recently publications

Le Commerce Equitable - Quand des hommes défient le marché (Fair trade - when men defy the market)
Is this a documentary or a work of art? Well, it is definitely a beautiful product in any case: easy to read and some exceptional images. Eric Saint-Pierre is a news photographer from Quebec. He produced this book (in French) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the UCIRI Mexican coffee community, birthplace of Fair Trade and the Max Havelaar label. This book tells the tale of the small growers who have modified the laws of the market. Ground breaking texts plus unforgettable photos.  Published by Aubanel.

Hors jeux (Out)
Philipe Boé and Denis Rouvre co-produced this amazing book in French: 45 top chefs met up with 45 international rugby players… to dream up 60 original recipes, designed with exceptional products! These unlikely duos include Jean-François Piège and Serge Blanco talking shop over a blanc à manger: Malongo Bourbon Pointu coffee and chocolate from New Caledonia. Preface by Serge Blanco. Published by IF.
La Fabuleuse Aventure du Café (The Fabulous adventure of coffee)
Alfred Conesa, former research director for the INRA, tells the botanical, political, artistic and cultural tale of coffee in this publication (in French). This magnificent publication is richly illustrated with etchings and original drawings.  The story of coffee from its birth place on the high plateaus of Abyssinia to our days, a delightful read which gives you the itch to travel… 
Coffee grows vs. sustainable development
This first booklet by Malongo clearly and simply describes the current situation and essential concepts of sustainable development in the coffee sector in five chapters and a dozen pages.
Download this booklet free of charge from our Gallery section.